Advanced Beekeeping Training

COLKS believes in end-to-end customer service and independently conducts follow-ups with the Beekeeping Trainees so as to  gauge the service quality offered and that we as a Centre have delivered our promises. During our interactions with the ‘farmpreneurs’, we found that though we have succeeded in providing them with the skill of beekeeping, there were lapses in a few areas.

This led to the concept of the Advanced Beekeeping Training where farmers can get the extra needed necessary training and education on the following issues:

  1. Extraction and storage hygiene
  2. Supply chain formation and management
  3. Marketing opportunities
      • How to be approachable and attractive to markets
      • Tools and techniques of basic and rural marketing
  4. Branding
    • What is a Brand?
    • Importance of a brand
    • Why associate yourself to a brand?
  5. Economics and finance
    • What is Banking? Importance of opening a bank account
    • Financial opportunities available
  6. Beekeeping as a highly profitable enterprise
    • Success and failure stories

Application Form for Advanced Beekeeping Training

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