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COLKS has always been about reaching the masses. With this in mind, GO MOBILE Trainings was started. This is where the farmers can be trained at their own backyard. Instead of sending the farmers to different COLKS centre across the state, COLKS will go to them. This gives the farmer a real first hand experience on how to go about things in their own homes.


We provide end to end linkages and services as below:-

  • Training
  • Supply of bee boxes
  • Documentation
  • Market Linkages to develop a market for their products
  • Financial Linkages to scale their operations after gainful experience


For the Farmers

  • COLKS training module is the most comprehensive whereby we train them on scientific beekeeping, extraction and wax rendering. At the end of the trainings Bee Boxes can also be provided to them if orders are placed
  • The training duration will be for 6 hours each day for 6 days only, thereby giving the farmers time to go about their daily work
  • The six hours can be set as per the convenience of the attendees.
For the sponsors

  • The training cost is lesser than 50% of the current training expenses. Hence, you train twice the number in half the cost.
  • Simultaneously, multiple trainings can be conducted at the multiple locations.
  • Overheads such as Food, Stay, transportation of the farmers, hiring of physical infrastructure, transportation and other logistics can be avoided
  • Our end –to- end service solves your hunt for vendors for bee boxes, assured market linkages and financial access to experienced and potential Farm-preneurs

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