Backyard Poultry As An Enterprise [10 Day Program] :-

  • An Orientation Training Program for Entrepreneurs interested in starting a Poultry Farm.
  • The Course Structure includes Theory and Practical Working Knowledge.
The course structure includes: –
  • Introduction to Piggery & Value Addition
  • Equipments and Materials required for pig slaughter
  • Integrated Piggery cum Fishery Farming
  • Fodder cultivation & feeding local feed & fodder
  • Care & Management of Pigs
  • Disease & Health Management of Pigs
  • Cold Chain Management of Vaccines
  • Entrepreneurial Skill
  • Pig Farming as an Enterprise
  • Concept of Enterprise & Entrepreneur
  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing of Piggery products, Establishment of clean pork shop as per FSSAI
  • Risk Management
  • Cash Management
  • Cost of different construction material for pigsty
  • Hands on demonstration for hygienic pig slaughtering
  • Hands on demonstration for value addition of pork
  • Hands on demonstration on how to reconstitute different vaccines
  • Hands on demonstration on vaccination and management of pigs
  • Hands on experience on Mud Block/Hollow Block Making


  • Headed By Dr.H.S.Shylla

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