MADessentials launched in the year 2017 is the first bath & body essentials produced in Meghalaya that promotes the farming community – from certified organic farms, to dyes that are derived from plants source.
MADessentials is a Natural, Sulphate-Free,Eco-Friendly & Paraben-Free product so much so,that our handmade products are also packed in recycled handmade paper boxes. MADessentials is handcrafted in small batches using a variety of natural oils, butters, botanical and pure essential oils. MADessentials offers a wide variety of bathing bars and gels for you and your family to choose from.

Every ingredient that is being used in all the products is sourced directly from the farmers and organically certified by COLKS. The bath products are eco-friendly because the waste product of the soap lather does not pollute and leave any impact on the environment thus promoting sustainability of the product.

MADessentials provides an opportunity for the farmers who have been working with COLKS to diversify from apiculture to other agro & allied products that can be used in making the bath & body products. With this product, COLKS hopes to showcase the potential of the state to produce world-class products that are eco-friendly, organic and hand-made.


Rose & Honey Hydrating Bar

Enriched with olive oil to hydrate and soften the skin leaving behind a luxurious sensation.

Aloe Vera & Khasi Mandarin Moisturizing Bar

These cured soaps leaves the skin soft and well moisturized. You will not need to use a hand cream after washing. It is a luxurious and premium quality bath soap which is full of Aloe Vera benefits.

Milk & Coffee Beauty Bar

Your morning coffee isn’t just for drinking. If you love the smell of fresh coffee (a mild exfoliator) with the goodness of milk. Then this lovely coffee soap is for you.

Activated Charcoal & Khasi Mandarin Cleansing Bar

This bar lets you create a mini spa experience at your home. Our all natural, detoxifying activated charcoal soap is great for acne-prone skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dry sensitive skin.

Papaya Loofah Exfoliating Bar

This bar is equipped with a piece of loofah sponge embedded within it to enhance the scrubbing effect upon the skin in order to exfoliate with every wash.

MAD Essentials LIP BALM

Handmade and hand-labelled at BEE Natural and made entirely with natural ingredients of honey and Beeswax sourced from BEE Natural farms.

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