Regional Identity & Farmer Traceability

Know your Farmers

The North East India is a hidden mine of natural resources, most of which still remains unexplored. It is a land of green luscious hills and plain with a diverse range of exotic and rare flora and fauna. Agriculture provides livelihood support to 70 % of the region’s population. It produces 1.5 % of country’s food grain production and continues to be a net importer of food grains even for its own consumption. While importing the farmer’s produce to the rest of mainland India and the rest of the world, the regional identity of the state gets lost in that process. With this in mind, BEE NATURAL – the ONLY PREMIUM brand has taken the initiative to promote regional identity & farmer traceability. It is a brand that gives the farmers of Meghalaya an identity, something that they can be proud of. It is also a step taken to put the North East Region on the map and also to connect consumers with sustainable local producers and to spark the importance of understanding where food comes from.

“I live in a small village called Pynthorlangtein, 40 kms away from Shillong. I have a total of over 40 bee boxes, scattered all over.Taking out the honey using the old methods results to wastage and at times disturbs the larvae. I have been exposed to new techniques, tools and machinaries over the years and now it is very easy for me to collect honey in a short period without disturbing the bees”

Armingral Dkhar

Pynthorlangtein - West Jaintia Hills District

“I have been practicing beekeeping for almost 20 years now. I learnt beekeeping from my father. Currently, I practices both traditional and modern beekeeping. I have around 5 traditional bee boxes and 30 modern bee boxes. Over the years I have been collecting queen bees that take shelter in communication poles or street lights.

Deiborlang Lamare

Ummulong - West Jaintia Hills District

“I don’t really remember when I started rearing bees but I remember going to the forest and catching bees. I started beekeeping with just one bee colony. After the training at COLKS, I have increased my bee colonies to 225. If I have an organization to help me sell my honey I will definitely rear more bees since I consider it one of the most profitable business.”
Inglestar Marngar

Mawthadraishan – West Khasi Hills District

“I have been rearing other animals like pigs, cows and goats since I was a kid but of all I feel that Beekeeping is a very profitable business since it is cost effective, requires less space, time and it is not labour intensive. My techniques of Beekeeping are traditional but that was because I never had any training but now that I have been taught Modern Beekeeping, I will definitely try to upgrade my techniques.”
Melam Pariong

Mawthadraishan – West Khasi Hills District

“I live in a small village called Mawkyrwat, 60 kms away from Shillong, Meghalaya. My village is surrounded by a rich variation of citrus trees and hence this batch of honey produced is dark but tastes very mild. I have been rearing bees since the age of 12 with no formal training. Ever since my training at COLKS, my honey yield has increased three folds whereby I can can now sustain my entire family by just rearing bees”

Lambert Mawlong

Mawkyrwat - South West Khasi Hills District

What is ‘BEE NATURAL’?

‘BEE NATURAL’ is a premium brand from the green & luscious hills of Meghalaya. It is a brand that gives the farming community of Meghalaya a sense of pride, identity and traceability of their product. It is a ‘Farmer’s Product’, that directly flows from farmer to end consumers through market & financial linkages. It has over the years changed the lives of people associated with it through social responsibility, economic equity and environmental sustainability.  This product has not only provided farmers with livelihood opportunities but also give them access to showcase their honey in the Premium Market (national & international platform). Each bottle that will be packed will generate livelihood; thereby improving social and economic state of the farmer.
How has ‘BEE NATURAL’ changed the lives of people associated with it?

  • Social Responsibility
  • Economic Equity &
  • Environmental Sustainability

Brand USP

  • Regional Identity – The ability to know where its being sourced from;
  • Farmer Traceability – The ability to know which farmer produces it;
  • Naturally infused flavours, no coloring or artificial sweeteners;

Market Placement

BEE Natural is currently placed in various retail stores in Shillong.

  • Regetta, Laitumkhrah
  • Uptown Closet , Laitumkhrah
  • Pick & Save, Fire Brigade
  • Raps Mansion, Opp Secretariat
  • Me-ba-ai Departmental store, Golf Links
  • Nutri Zone, Laitumkhrah
  • Gold’s Gym, Lower Lachumiere
  • Kynmaw, Eee Cee Hotel
  • Hotel Polo Towers, Polo
  • Meg Tea outlet(3rd mile)

Also available in our online store

The USP of Bee Natural lies in its QR code. The QR code provides farmer traceability & regional identity. One can track the location and the producer of the honey by simply scanning the QR code.

The BEE Story –

Presenting ‘BEE Natural’ from the LAND THE ORGANICS – the beautiful Northeastern state of Meghalaya. A pristine paradise blessed with fresh hill air, crystal clear river waters and healing herbs, where the organic tradition is a time-honored way of life. ‘BEE Natural’ provides numerous benefits to the natural environment and also generates sustainable livelihoods to many small-scale farmers and other rural and non-rural people. ‘BEE Natural’ empowers the farmers and gives them the opportunity to access the Premium Market (national & international platform). Every batch of ‘BEE Natural’  goes through a series of purity- tests and only the best of the best makes it to your table.


WILD FOREST HONEY : 230g & 300g

BEE Natural gives you the purest Wild Forest Honey from the honeycomb. As a result, the honey is still rich in beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. The forests in Meghalaya receive heavy rainfall and support a large variety of floral and faunal biodiversity. Hence, the honey from these areas makes the honey so special. Bee Natural – Wild Forest Honey is said to be the most medicinal form of honey because of the nectar collected from variety of flowers and trees.


This batch of BEE Natural – Mandarin honey has been sourced from COLKS trained farmers. To make this honey, bees pollinate the flowers on the mandarin trees in Meghalaya. The honeybees collect the nectar from the rich, sweet and flavorsome Mandarin plantation. It is the state where famous Khasi mandarins are harvested. Known for its sweet taste and rich flavor, the Khasi Mandarin it is preferred over other varieties of oranges harvested in the country.

WHITE HONEY : Not Available

White Honey generally have a milder flavor as compared to darker honeys. It does not exactly look white as the name suggested but it has a very light amber or an almost clear colour. This honey has been sourced directly from the foothills of the Himalayan Range. It contains anti-oxidants that helps protect the body, acts as a good cough suppresent and also helps in treating digestive issues such as diarrhea and ulcers.

Wild Forest Comb Honey : 230g

Wild Forest Comb honey is intended for consumption which is still contained within its original hexagonal-shaped beeswax cells, called honeycomb. It is eaten as produced by honey bees and has received no processing, filtering, or manipulation. Comb honey makes for an excellent spread on warm breads, pancakes, oatmeal and yogurt or served as a side to a variety of dishes.


BEE Natural has launched a collection of spices sourced from the farmers of Meghalaya. Products available are :-

  •  Black Peppercorn Grinder
  • Schezuan Pepper Powder
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Ginger Powder
  • Lakadong Turmeric Powder
  • Chilli Oil



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