MADessentials launched in the year 2017 is the first bath & body essentials produced in Meghalaya that promotes the farming community – from certified organic farms, to dyes that are derived from plants source.
MADessentials is a Natural, Sulphate-Free,Eco-Friendly & Paraben-Free product so much so,that our handmade products are also packed in recycled handmade paper boxes. MADessentials is handcrafted in small batches using a variety of natural oils, butters, botanical and pure essential oils.

Every ingredient that is being used in all the products is sourced directly from the farmers and organically certified by COLKS. The bath products are eco-friendly because the waste product of the soap lather does not pollute and leave any impact on the environment thus promoting sustainability of the product.

With these products, MADessentials hopes to showcase the potential of the state to produce world-class products that are eco-friendly, organic and hand-made.

Our range of Handmade Products

Rose & Honey Hydrating Bar

Rose has a relaxing benefit which relaxes the body, reduces stress and sponsors glowing skin.
Honey is rich in anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and ainti-fungal properties. It provides soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.
This bar is enriched with essential oil to hydrate and soften the skin leaving behind a luxurious sensation.

Aloe Vera & Khasi Mandarin Moisturizing Bar

Aloe Vera moisturises the skin, helps with sun burn and it has anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties.
Mandarin has bioactive compounds which has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties.
These cured soaps leaves the skin soft and well moisturized

Milk & Coffee Beauty Bar

The presence of lactic acid in Milk helps in reducing pigmentation, hydrates the skin and relieves sun burn.
Coffee has anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory properties which helps in decreasing sun spots, redness and fine lines. It also is good for treating acne and dark circles.
The combined benefits of Milk and Coffee makes the soap bar a perfect product for people who want to treat sun damaged and blemished skin

Activated Charcoal & Khasi Mandarin Cleansing Bar

Activated Charcoal acts like a magnet for dirt due to its absorption properties. Takes care of oily skin pulls out excess oils & sebum from the skin pores and minimizes pores.
The combined benefits of Activated Charcoal and Khasi Mandarin makes this product a must have for skin hydration. This product will keep the skin oil free and at the same time keep it hydrated.

Papaya Loofah Exfoliating Bar

Papaya has vitamin A and Papain enzymes which removes dead skin cells, hydrates the skin and reduces blemishes.
The exfoliation and detanning properties of papaya can be explained as the reason why loofah is provided with this soap bar.

Beeswax & Cocoa Butter Lipbalm

Beeswax helps in moisturizing which in turn protects the lips from the harmful rays of the sun. It can also help prevent infections and cold sores.
Cocoa Butter has ultra-hydrating properties. The anti-oxidants protect the lips from the toxins present in the environment.
The presence of shea butter and jojoba oil also makes the lips soft and supple.

Khasi Mandarin Shampoo

The Khasi Mandarin Shampoo leaves the hair feeling soft, full, and at the same time moisturises and nourishes the hair. It is ideal for all hair types. It leaves the hair with a subtle scent of citrus fragrance.

Khasi Mandarin Conditioner

The Khasi Mandarin Conditioner helps soften and leaves the hair with a natural looking shine. It is ideal for all hair types. It leaves the hair shiny and manageable while moisturising and nourishing at the same time.

Body Lotion – Khasi Mandarin

The Khasi Mandarin Body Lotion moisturises skin deep plus all the benefits of mandarin are infused in it. A rich blend of cocoa butter and Vitamin E is also infused in it. The Khasi Mandarin essential oils is used to nourish and renew the skin.

Shower Gel for HIM – Cool Waters

Enjoy a truly refreshing start to your day with this Cool Waters shower gel. It consists of a mix of sandalwood, musk, jasmine, and oak moss notes. This sporty shower gel is very lightly scented, so it won’t leave an overpowering aroma

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