Our Vision

Access to healthy, certified, hygienic and traceable meat.

Our Mission

To ensure healthy living by delivering the freshest and the most naturally sustainable meat


Butchery is a traditional line of work which requires the slaughtering and then breaking down of the carcass for human consumption. Butchers and meat cutters cut and trim meat from larger, wholesale portions into steaks, chops, roasts and other cuts.
Pork is the meat from domestic pig (sus scrofa). Poultry is a preparation of meat from various types of fowl for consumption. These are the most commonly consumed meats worldwide. They are eaten in various forms including cooked (roast pork, grilled chicken), cured or smoked (ham) or a combination of these methods (bacon and sausages). They are also a common ingredient in processed meat products.
Risk of cross contamination, bacteria and other ill elements when dealing with the carcass of an animal is high. Hence we at prime cuts strictly follow the highest grooming and hygiene guidelines.


The best way to package meat is vacuum sealing. Vacuum packaging eliminates oxygen within the package which helps to preserve the meat within the packaging. In addition to reducing oxygen to preserve the shelf life, colour preservation is important as well. Vacuum sealed meats must only be kept in refrigerated temperatures for no more than 7 days (3 – 4 degrees Celsius) and in freezer temperatures for 90 days. (18 degrees Celsius).
We use polypropylene bags of 15 microns or higher density for packing meats which are FDA/USDA approved

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